State of Writing


Still plodding along through Rise of the Dragon Impervious… my short-term plan is to have it edited through chapter 8 by the weekend when my real-world life will demand a bunch of attention. I’ll only have about 25,000 words left to edit if I  hit my mark by the weekend… it’s a little slow going because the original pieces were written years ago and, honestly, my writing has simply gotten so much tighter since then.

Of course, I had another great story idea strike me as I woke up over the weekend, stemming from a pretty vivid dream (and it allows me to recycle some of the themes I was excited about from a thriller novel I’d written to about 25% before aborting the project for a variety of reasons.) I hope to write it as a short story–I haven’t done any short fiction in quite a while now, so that might be a fun creative outlet… I think that in the midst of #amediting hell my brain is screaming for a creative stroll.

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