State of Writing


Monday is here again, and all too soon. I did get some writing done last week, but not really the kind I really want to do… I’m stuck editing… although I did get John in the John 100% in the can (joke intended) and I’m about 50% done with edits on The Kakos Realm #2… I was able to work on the overall plot arc of the series and inserted a wonderfully villainous character cameo for a big baddie to revealed further down the line and foreshadow a plot point that won’t resolve until book 4, at least.

I really need to get this book edited and off my to-do list so I can move onto the nest two things I really want to get at: draft #2 of Fear in a Land Without Shadows and a rewrite of my YA Paranormal story… I did, however, put a little flesh on bone for The Kakos Realm Series and tentatively setup the titles for 7 books (unless things change).
1. Grinden Proselyte
2. Rise of the Dragon Impervious
3. Death Upon the Fields of Splendor
4. Shaking of the Firmaments
5. Babel War
6. Stalker From The Well
7. The Land of Nod



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