Review: Second Dive in the Ocean


Second Dive in the Ocean is a great book, I say this as someone whose spouse went back to school to change careers at age 30 with two kids, a mortgage, and husband with an uncertain career field. It’s certainly a relevant book and one that could benefit many individuals with the candid way that it addresses the basic questions that are so easily overlooked in the emotion and heat of the moment. Some of those highlights are things I’ve often encouraged people to be aware of (so I feel like Ms. Siddiqui and I are on the same page,) are questions like: Do you need a change of job or change of career? Are you not changing because of fear? Where do you find motivation and satisfaction? Are you employable in your desired field? Do you sabotage yourself? Have you adequately planned for a financial change?

What I liked: the topic is very relevant and the book was well written and easy to follow.

What I didn’t care for: honestly, I’d have to really nitpick here–the book had lots of illustrations and anecdotes, but not a great deal of personal stories so reading it was more like going to a seminar where the presenter talked about what/why of the topic but never the who… but those seminars are often still great.

Overall I was surprised by the tone and relevance to the American audience knowing that the book was written and published in the Indian market. Siddiqui writes about the principles and qualities from a global perspective and those items each translate well to the local market.

You can find the book at

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