State of Writing

Pitched books Saturday at the Rain Taxi Twin Cities Book Festival. I did pretty decent, I think. I also managed to edit a couple chapters and finish all but the last page or two of John in the John which I will finish this week, officially putting it in the can. I hope to focus on editing The Kakos Realm: Rise of the Dragon Impervious so that I can get an editor onto it and start pitching it more heavily. I’m reluctant to try very hard to sell TKR: Grinden Proselyte without the second installment ready to go. I wrote them as one story, originally, and it really makes the story more appealing to have a followup with the guarantee of a second installment right away… I’d like to have TKR:RotDI ready for edits in November.

Also, my imagination is killing me! I’ve got another YA book loosely sketched. Whenever I take a road trip it seems I mentally stumble onto a setup for a great story.

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