Big League Advice-o-mercial


I occasionally like peruse the backlog of spam and junk messages in my junk email folder for overlooked nuggets. I almost always find something I like from a select group of content providers (a new book or piece of advice from different services, etc… I just don’t have the wherewithal to look at each and every one of them.) I’ve posted a few reactionary thoughts to some graphic quotes put out by Goodreads in a blatant ad targeting indie authors.

This advice is so good. It’s a state of mind for successful writers (I know that “successful” is a pretty loaded definition.) Too many indies write and release but they never repeat the process. Like fishing, don’t expect that your first catch will necessarily be your biggest… You’ll never catch something bigger until you recast your line. It’s okay to feel unsatisfied on the shore, just keep fishing until you’re ready to reel in the next one.

One “super-fan” who will share your stories with everyone they meet and bang your drum for you is worth ten blind/random sales on Amazon. Never underestimate the power and reach of other people who want you to succeed.

It’s easy to get frustrated as a writer. “Oh, you’re an author? I write books too. I’ve been working on my XYZ epic for seven years now…” blah blah blah. None of those people matter–only you do: by that I mean that they are irrelevant to your story. You don’t control them or their writing; you only control you and yours. I’m pretty certain that people who want their stories shared will find a way to do that–it’s what they live for. Some people live to tell stories, others tell stories to live.


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