State of Writing

I slumped this week. I think I remember writing a devo piece for JitJ, but can’t be certain. I was away on a four day work event. I thought I would write a bunch. I did not. Bus rides are not conducive to creativity (or comfort)… I did get a bunch of editing done, however. So that’s something. I’m a few chapters deed on TKR:2 and I worked some of my promos, did some reading for tomorrows book review, new cover design for WYPL (Ingram version with a new ISBN so that bookstores can carry me on their shelves and have returnability not offered with Createspace), setup a book event at Barnes&Nobles in St. Paul, queried an agent, and I also tweaked and played with my ad campaigns on Amazon and got Why Your Pastor Left selling pretty well, in fact.

When I write down all those other little things that I did/do and don’t even talk about it begins to sound impressive. We’ll see about this week (personal goals are to finish John in the John, edit 3 chapters in TKR:2, get WYPL listed with Ingram, and submit JitJ to a manuscript service–just to gauge my experience which I’m sure I will blog about).

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