Free Fiction Tuesday! #wott


Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen
I wanted to give you all a final chance to pick up my sci-fi for free today on Kindle. If you liked Firefly, you should check out Dekker’s Dozen: The Last Watchmen. It’s normally five bucks on Kindle. Today is the last day it’s free (just checkout normally–the price is set to $0.00).

Wolf of the Tesseract
WotT has just dropped on Audible/ACX and I have 2 free downloads up for grabs. They will be randomly selected followers who share this post by the weekend! You can check it out and listen to a sample on Amazon.

The Kakos Realm: Grinden Proselyte
TKR Book 1 is currently a giveaway at Goodreads. Just click Enter Giveaway to potentially win a paperback copy! This 1st in an epic Christian Fantasy series is what you might expect if Frank Perretti wrote a Game of Thrones novel.

share it an hashtag it peeps!

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