State of Writing

SO last week I powered through like 3 chapters… I basically did that again–I got a little fixated, like a dog on a bone, and couldn’t relent. I finished the rough draft for Fear in a Land Without Shadows on Saturday. That’s good because I also jotted a rough outline of a 5 book arc for a new YA series The Hidden Rings of Myrddin the Cambion (which is about 3 years away from ever putting pen to paper… I’ve got at least 3 other books to write before I begin that series).

Here’s a little teaser for Fear, though:
Following the nearly completed apocalypse of E-day, an infertile obstetrician, a man with Down’s syndrome, and an injured preacher must join forces with an atheist to turn back the second demonic apocalypse. The creatures can only move in the dark, but deep inside humanity’s last underground bunker, the lights have begun to go out.

(Now I just need to finish John in the John over the next two weeks and I’ll be sitting pretty good. I forsee that coming together well–and then I can begin a final draft on The Kakos Realm: Rise of the Dragon Impervious!)

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