Reviewing Dekker’s Dozen

DDwatchmen ebook

last weekend I sold out of Dekker’s Dozen at a comicon. Shortly after I saw this awesome book review and wanted to share!

Having read one of Chris’s non-fiction works (Why Your Pastor Left?) recently, I wasn’t sure what to expect from his fiction side.

I was not disappointed.

The Last Watchmen was a brilliant exercise in leaving genre-boundaries behind. There’s certainly an element of science fiction as Chris introduces new and unique races to the typical pantheon as well as bringing in fascinating technology. Guns blaze, ships soar, and epic battles ensue – everything sci-fi readers love.

But there’s a low fantasy element as well. Without giving away too many secrets, any author who can effectively insert zombies into his science fiction, is definitely worth his salt.

And if that isn’t enough, Chris brings in a spiritual basis that is so much more than the genre typically permits. The apocalyptic theme weaves right in with the rest of the book and enthralls me – making me want to keep reading.

Seal all of these elements with deep characters and a hot-and-cold love affair, and you have the makings of a great work of art. Chris develops all of this at a quick pace and never gives the reader a chance to catch his breath. Phenomenal work.

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