Book Review: Asana of Malevolence


Kate Abbott asked me to review her new release, Asana of Malevolence, and was kind enough to mail me a paperback copy. I didn’t even notice the cat on the front until my wife laughingly pointed it out. I don’t know if Abbott is or is not a crazy cat lady, but the cat does play a significant role in the story, so it’s not out of place.

Asana seems to start slow (Chapter 1 might have been better as a prologue because of the passive world-setting Abbot leads with, and Sharon’s life seems to come in snippets with a bunch of “fast-forward” moments in between such as “two months later…” and “The next January,” etc.) Aside from that, readers can expect it to pick up quickly once the story picks up speed and the writing and intensity of the story overshadow that minor criticism (actually, I always found the same to to be true of Michael Crichton’s storytelling–and I love all of his books, though Jurassic Park takes almost 40 pages to even begin…pardon the digression.)

I found some of the visceral moments during the character’s descent into madness (you can pick up on the theme of mental sickness pretty easily) to be disturbing–particularly because of the nonchalance of the sporadic violence. The book can draw you in and mess with your mind. If you like psychological thrillers, you should give it a read (not as dark and graphic as The Following, it’s perhaps more scary of a cult-type thriller because of its relate-ability and grounding in the real world).

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