Homeless Book Reviewer


I think this guy might be my hero… not just for turning his situation around ad rising up against the odds, but also because he gives book reviews! Ha. If you haven’t heard his story yet, he’s a homeless man who didn’t like accepting handouts for no reason so he started selling used books and his opinions (giving book reviews).

Read his story here:
You might find, like I did, that you can’t help but love this guy.

If you can see how important engaging with literature is and want to help, contact me about how you can leave reviews on my books! there’s probably a free book in it for you, too: http://www.authorchristopherdschmitz.com/#!contact/c1kcz

State of Writing


Spent the bulk of my time on vacation over the last 9 days or so. Everything went wrong. Transmissions died, keys were locked in vehicles. Hospitals were visited, etc.. Basically, the Ten Plagues of Egypt. You get the drill.

Despite that all, once I finally escaped Mephisto’s realm and got home, I did get on to a little writing (have a couple bullet points to iron out to further develop a character in Fear in a Land Without Shadows) and I got an update from my line editor that The Kakos Realm Grinden Proselyte is over half edited and on track for next-month’s launch. I also ironed out some kinks with my publisher regarding some rights issues and the audio version of Wolf of the Tesseract–that ought to go live sometime in the near future.