Book Review:Shadowlight


ShadowLight review

Matthew Morgan’s Shadowlight is a surprising nugget one might stumble upon while cruising through amazon. I get a distinctly Buffy the Vampire feeling from it with similarly high stakes (haha… a pun), a crew of high powered individuals with distinct personalities, and multifaceted/layered characters. That should be read as a good thing. The characters have chemistry with each other and most of each have their own brand of damage from their back story (deafness, college grades, jealousy, low intellect, criminal record, etc.)

Morgan creates an original creation back story to setup the events of Shadowlight and tells the tale of mankind’s fall and a struggle between angelic forces and demonic ones. It is woven through the narrative in similar fashion to The Kakos Realm: Grinden Proselyte (though Shadowlight is paranormal action/adventure while TKR is closer to High Fantasy.)

The bad guys are thoroughly evil, even if a bit trope driven. That’s nice, though… sometimes its good to have a Doctor Doom who isn’t a misunderstood neutral figure, tainted npc, or antihero… its refreshing to revisit characters suffering a thoroughly depraved nature (who we can sympathize but struggle to empathize for).

The plot feels like a good mix of Frank Perretti’s Present Darkness, Kring’s Heroes TV show, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer series.

I know its good because I set it down for two days mid plot point and found myself wondering what the characters were up to. Shadowlight is a solid read and I’d encourage you to pick it up.

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