Followup About Audible/ACX


So there’s one thing I didn’t think to put in my recent post regarding Audio-books. Secretly, I’m cleaning out my email box and wanted to post these details so I can delete an old message.

I’ve got a situation with one of my titles that isn’t unique, but isn’t the norm, either. I have a novelette title that is part of a contest over at Freeditorial and the contest rules gives the contest website exclusivity for ebook distribution for the next year+ although I retain all other rights and I thought it would translate well into an audible title. It’s too short for a print version and I cannot do an ebook version. How can I go about creating this? I couldn’t find anything on the net or on and so I emailed customer support.

“Is it possible to add a title ONLY to ACX and not have it on Amazon/Kindle?” I explained the above in an email to support.

Long story made short, the answer is negative, ghostwriter (c’mon… I’m funny, dagnabbit). Here’s the only options according to ACX:

I understand that you would like to know if you can publish an audiobook that is not listed as a print or Kindle book on I can certainly assist with that. In order for a title to be considered for this program, it must first be listed on in paperback, hardcover or e-book format. If you intend to upload the audio yourself, the title can alternatively be available in the Amazon Book Store as an Audio CD.

It’s good to know that the last option is a possibility. It’s not something I’m going to do (I’d do an anthology, first) but it’s nice to have the info on how ACX works and how their model is really a kind of “piggyback” or add-on to their primary selling tool which is Live and learn!



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