State of Writing


Success! I hit all my marks. I’m going to bed, though (you didn’t think I write these posts the same day I publish them, did you?) I quite honestly didn’t feel it this week and didn’t think I’d make my goals. I literally sat on a lawn chair in a parking lot under a tarp in the rain in order to hit my writing marks–these stories aren’t just going to tell themselves!

I’m only 7 pages from completing John in the John… don’t think I’m going to surrender to temptation and just power through it, tempting as that sounds. For this coming week I want to get in another chapter on Fear in a Land Without Shadows (I’m in the home stretch on it) and one or two devos for JitJ but I’m not setting any goals this week–I’ll have settle for whatever I can muster. My laptop has been falling apart on me (keys sticky or frequently double clicking, etc.) and finally my touchpad-mouse’s left click button stopped working. I finally broke down and purchased a new one but it may take me all week to transfer my files, etc. I hate when things break down.

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