State of Writing


Wow. I had a heck of a week… and not the “I exceeded all my goals” kind. I did no writing. Zero. Nodda. I hit dead ends all last week. I worked, as normal, but took two days off at the end of the week to go do some house maintenance on a rental property I own–that alone ate up 35 hours of time over 3 days. So no writing last week.

At least I could do promo, right? I barely used social  media–too busy with my hands. I got responses about book signings I have been trying to schedule for a while now… the timing is working for any of them (although I am set up for a sci-fi/fantasy con this fall, but that’s mostly due to fellow author Jeffrey Kohanek.) Oh yeah, I got banned from Facebook by the system for TWO WEEKS! As they perceived some of my self-promo (in groups explicitly meant for author self-promo) as spam/abuse. Yeah. I had a heck of a week.

It’s been crazy this summer with fundraisers and extra projects, but I’m resetting the rhythm today back to where I’ve been and prefer to be. Starting today with a quick update and trip to the gym (also stopped that for 3 weeks after 2nd/3rd degree gasoline burns). Feel like I’m coming back.

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