Writting Advice from the King


I’m sure this has been blogged about a thousand times before, but it really hit me in my brainpan. Steven King is one of the all time greats,even if I don’t typically rush out to read everything he’s written (our styles and content are so similar) I do enjoy many of his stories (especially fond of Dark Tower). Nevertheless, King is recognized as master of his craft.

Here is a link with some of King’s top advice to authors. http://www.openculture.com/2014/03/stephen-kings-top-20-rules-for-writers.html

I remember being asked how long it takes to write a novel. Having written several, its true that each one is different.  King mentions it should never take more than three months. Some people balk at that; I did the math. You can write a 95,000 word manuscript in 3 months of you write about 1,000 words per day, or two pages, single spaced.

He’s got so much great advice, distilled into a simple, succinct list. Remember his advice: the magic is in you. Turn off the tv and write… you can do it.

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