Recommendation: The Buried Symbol


I found The Buried Symbol to be a real page turner! The pacing was wonderful and straight from page one the author does a great job of “world-building.” While some of the setting might feel like a trope that has been done before, some of us really like that. As an old RPG gamer I immediately felt at home and saw the beginnings of the party develop when Brock picks up his buddy and saw interesting traits that my mind categorized as “rogue” characterizations. Not enough stories come from that point of view–everyone is consumed by the glory of a fighter or the mysticism of a wizard, so I appreciated the difference in nature. They are not one-sided characters, though, and you can see/feel the emotional impetus and gold-hearted, heroic aspects that motivate even those acts that cross the law. Pick this one up–just be careful…you might not be able to put it down!

You can order it on paperback or ebook here:

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