Free (non)Fiction Tuesday


So I deviated from the plan. Pretty typical for me. I wanted to share this free book (it’s available on kindle) because this is a subject that is very dear to me–living one’s faith authentically. The last thing the world needs are insincere people who try to flatter with both tongue and body yet cling to hate or apathy in their hearts.

Whenever people find out find out I’m a credentialed minister (like, a real one that I studied years to become–not the kind of license you get on the internet/ebay like they did in Friends and other TV shows,) people often backpedal on the conversation. “Sorry all my cussing and shit–I mean crap!” I’d much rather be a genuine person and also see the real you. I don’t have time for masks and all this posturing nonsense. I also don’t lead with “I’m a pastor.” I rarely bring it up because I’d rather other people organically realize that there is something positive inside of me. It’s that old attribution to Assisi: Preach the Gospel always, and when all else fails, use words.

I’m not sure how long it’s available for free, so get it now:

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