Thursday Recommendations: The Right Way to be Wrong


So romance has popularized the “love triangle” to a huge degree (thanks, Stephanie Meyers.) It’s always been a big deal, of course and was a plot point in Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with Elizabeth Bennet’s choice between Wickham and Darcy layered upon Wickham’s pursuit of both Elizabeth and Kitty Bennet.

Today I thought I’d share a book that is way outside my genre norm: it’s a romance (and doesn’t feature the undead). Honestly, sometimes books are just a good escape into a fun adventure, and one person’s sci-fi is another person’s romance… I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve escaped the doldrums of my life with a good (or even not-so good) space adventure or epic quest of adventurers. This isn’t my kind of story–but I’m not everybody and I know this will click with many of you and the premise is interesting, especially given the well-rounded nature of the author, Tracy Ball who knows people who have committed murder and knows people who have dined with the Pope.

The Right Way To Be Wrong, Tracy Ball’s 2nd novel, is a feisty tale about a bad boy trying to do better versus a good girl who isn’t. Being in love with Holden, one of the notorious Latche twins, has freed Cherry from her ghosts. Now, she wants to help everyone -with or without their consent. Her unyielding opinions influence every relationship on the Latche family farm. While her involvement may not always be welcome, at least her intentions are pure. And that’s a problem. Purity doesn’t work for Holden. Abstinence is not a part of his womanizing agenda. Besides, Cherry has two secrets too many as far as he is concerned. The lack of information about her family, and her intimate exchanges with Eric– the other notorious Latche twin.

Check out this book here:

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