State of Writing


Okay. Slight format change. I thought I’d shift my blogging schedule so that this weekly update (which is mainly for my own targets/deadlines/goals/ and accountability) comes on Monday when nobody is awake anyhow. I didn’t want to leave my last regular post of the week as something that very few people will care about. I’ll swap recommendations/reviews to Thursdays, now.

This week I did connect with my editor who is working through my sci-fi and discovering my rampant abuse of the semi-colon. I finished my chapter (and wrote most of a second one) for my new horror. I did not complete any devotional story entries, though. But for this coming week I will write two and complete my chapter.

Oh yeah. I gained over a thousand followers on Wattpad and had over 1.6k reads in the last 10 days or so on Dekker’s Dozen (and oddly, half of my hits come from Japan–but the nifty data parsing tools at Watt shows that the story is actually being read, not just spidered by Japanese hackers or spam bots… time to brush up on my cross cultural stuff) while a third come from USA.


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