Monday Recommendation: Iron Mike


I stumbled onto Iron Mike through a facebook advert. I’m glad I did… I had two thoughts right away. 1. This book looks really good. 2. I don’t see any publisher info listed—if this is an independent book, it’s some of the best promo I’ve ever seen. In fact, I was curious enough to ferret out the information and discovered that it was, in fact, an indie. I also discovered that the quality and attention to detail went far beyond just the surface promo work.

Iron Mike is definitely in the top three indie books I’ve read. Right off the bat the characters are gripping. They are each so varied and unique that one wonders exactly what will bring them all together… but a good apocalypse always has a way of doing just that.

I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but the book will definitely connect with you, tug on a few heart strings, and then keep moving forward with a gripping and relentless story that’s something like The Walking Dead meets Independence Day sprinkled with the direct inverse of Avatar. It’s a good book (but fair warning, there’s a few graphic moments, in case you are listening on audible and have kids around) and definitely worth a buy.

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