Author Interview: Caleb Wygal


I caught up recently with Caleb Wygal through a writing group online and asked him about his new book, coming out at the end of the month: Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure.

Tell me what your book is about.
A three-hundred year old mystery from one of the world’s most notorious pirates, an unsolved murder from 1982, and a treasure map uncovered by museum archivist Darwin Trickett leads to the adventure of a lifetime for two friends which could lead to fame and fortune, or to their deaths. Using a blend of real events and settings from the past fused with a modern murder mystery, Blackbeard’s Lost Treasure takes readers on a believable quest where they will want to take a shovel to the various locales depicted to see if it is real.

What book/movie/etc. is it comparable to?
This novel is greatly influenced by the writings of Clive Cussler with his Dirk Pitt and Fargo series’ in mind, particularly Atlantis Found and The Kingdom.

Where can readers go for more?
Currently, I am offering a free download of my last novel, A Murder In Concord, when readers submit a proof of purchase. You can find more details about this promotion here. Also, if you pre-order from Black Rose Writing by April 27, 2016 readers can save 10% with the promo code PREORDER2016 at checkout.
Readers can find me at my website,, on Twitter @calebwygal, or Like my Facebook Page.

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