State of Writing


I find myself writing less and less as I do more and more promo for stories I have written and published. I wish I knew a publicist… who worked for free… and brings me coffee.

While I met my goal last week (finish rewrite of Dekker’s Dozen) I dropped the ball again on my nonfiction. I’ll catch up again and get two pieces in for next week. I do think that John in the John has great potential, but I might shorten it and exclude the other pieces submitted by other authors simply because I haven’t seen a single submission in weeks for it. Instead of a daily devotional book, I think I will make a weekly reader with my own content. I can do multiple versions over a couple years and keep the multi-author collection for either New Testament in the John, Gospels in the John, or The Bible in the John.

Here is what I’m thinking about putting together as a series (and if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out the website at…
John in the John 4thQ 2016
Luke in the John 2017
Gospels in the John 2017/2018
New Testament in the John 2018/2019
Old Testament in the John
The Bible in the John
Celebrities in the John (in the early stages, I was able to secure some verbal commitments from a few “celebrity Christians” including famous athletes, media personalities, etc. this edition might be fun to stick somewhere within the lineup as an exclusive.)

One thing is certain, I need to get some more original content down or I’m going to go nuts. Promo is fun (sometimes), but I’d much rather be creating something new. Back to Writing!


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