State of Writing


I’ve been busy plugging away at the keyboard. I’ve only got two chapters left on  my semi-final edit of Dekker’s Dozen. I’ve kept up with my devo writing and shifted gears on my active writing towards an extensive redrafting of a story I’m submitting to a writers contest. I plan to re-title it, but it’s the harrowing story of a biker’s struggle with his own inner demons… I’ve described it as Sons of Anarchy meets Touched by an Angel… I gutted the story years ago after a publisher wanted it if I cut it to 5,000 words. Once I’d done that, they didn’t want it anymore (it was the right length originally and I had to hurt the story to sell it.) Now, I have to get it up to 10k, which is easier than trimming off 3,000 words, to meet the minimum submission length–but the story is better off for it.

I have some fairly good news on the query front. I’ve been offered a contract from a smaller publishing company for Wolf of the Tesseract. I need to more fully investigate the contract, but it could mean we see me in print fairly soon (well, soon as far as the industry goes– so six to eighteen months from the end of negotiations).

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