Monday Recommendation


Recently I was asked a question about all-time favorite book suggestions. The prompt got me thinking about books that impacted me throughout my life. I landed on a suggestion: Day off the Triffids by John Wyndham. I read an excerpt of this book in the second or third grade…yeah, I started reading hard SF pretty early. It ignited an immediate love of the apocalypse genre (which was largely uncommon in fiction until the last couple decades). Day off the Triffids is not the best book I ever read, for sure, but something about it caught my attention. It was only an excerpt of an old story, but I mentally cataloged it as something I had to read. In elementary school, I began a search to find and buy this book (this was long before eBay or Amazon, and the Internet was only accessible in my schools library.) My quest led me to frequenting book stores and rummage sales well into my teenage years, always with an eye out for this title. After searching for almost a decade, I happened to find a used copy in a book bin, priced at a quarter in the second-hand bookstore owned by an older gentleman who, of course, had become a friend of mine. Sometimes I forget how much of my youth revolved around my love of story. I still have that paperback copy of Day of the Triffids on my bookshelf, and before my son left the fourth grade, he too read it cover to cover.

What’s a book that you’d consider an all-time favorite, very influential, etc? And tell me why… hit me up with an answer on Twitter or email!

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