State of Writing


My exciting Thursday announcement. As is common, I stayed up late last night to power through some writing. It’s not always easy. Like life, sometimes things don’t flow–or you have a need to do things that you just “aren’t feeling.” But we set goals in life so that we can measure achievements and know when we’ve accomplished something. I told myself I’d finish a chapter this week in my apocalyptic horror novel, Fear in a Land Without Shadows, (and needed to keep ahead of it to meet my commitments to edit next weeks installment of the Dekker’s Dozen sci-fi I’m releasing as a weekly ongoing series). We don’t always feel like going to work, or making dinner for the kids, or getting a Sunday school lesson prepared. We just go and do those things anyway. We can burn the mac & cheese, zone out a little at work, or whatever… last night I knew my writing was sloppy and I let some of the clunky text remain–that’s what second drafts are for: we get a redo. Life gives us second chances too; it’s called tomorrow. Don’t sweat it.

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